More from Ysabetwordsmith!

Ysabetwordsmith writes wonderful poetry. I mean that literally: It’s full of wonders, and wonder, and wonderment. And she rewards readers for offering prompts in line with whatever her current theme is, and for spreading the word. Dialecticdreamer, whose stories I follow as attentively as Ysabet’s poems (which usually also are stories), is arranging the “linkback” reward. See her latest linkback post here; go read that, she explains it better than I would.

To entice you into participating in this Fishbowl (Ysabet writing with us, as it were, looking over her shoulder), here’s the beginning of this linkback poem, quoted from dialecticdreamer’s post:

Nascent Wisdom

Jewish women’s magic is
the magic of everyday things.

There’s more “trailer” in dd‘s linkback post.